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All TVs 457 products; TVs by screen size. Here are the sizes of the four V50 action cameras. Overview; … Things like voice control, how long it’s left on while doing other things, and outdoor temperature (cold weather drains batteries). We’re Bryan & Dena – and we can help. But does it perform as well in real life as it looks on paper? It supports Video Recording in Resolutions 4K/30fps, 1080p/60fps, 1080p/30fps, 720p/120fps, 720p/60fps, 720p/30fps. The V50 Pro uses Panasonic 34112 sensor while the V50 Elite uses Sony IMX 078 sensor. FPS (frames per second) is the number of frames captured in a one second of video. One of the best things about Akaso is the large number of accessories it packs along with the main action camera. The app interface is not complicated at all, and you will find it very easy to get accustomed to the controls. Video File Length: Also called as loop recording. No matter where you want to use it (even underwater, guys), you’ll be able to capture that key element of travel: movement. Next. One of the most popular uses of action cameras is its ability to capture nice aerial footage while being attached to a drone. Using the waterproof housing on the camera will result in a muffled audio recording, due to the seals of this housing. All the above resolutions have an aspect ratio of 16:9 (wide screen). Find cameras, drones and gimbals based on specific features you want in your film gear, not what you don't want! Can be set to on or off. 4.4 out of 5 stars 837. He is also co-founder of GringosAbroad (Ecuador's largest blog for expats and travelers) and Storyteller Media (content marketing for travel brands). Aesthetically it looks like AKASO have had … You might want to look at playing with exposure and ISO settings when shooting time lapses in low-light conditions. Any camera that can shoot a video with an approximate horizontal pixel count of 4000 is classed as a 4K camera. Please try your search again later. To put that into perspective, the V50 Elite boasts of a highest limit of 60 fps in 4K and costs just $20 more. That said, for an action camera, the photos look too good. 99. Required fields are marked *. The video quality looks great in V50 Pro, but it suffers a bit in 1080p in V50 Elite. Coming into their performance side, the menus should be easy to understand but the image and video quality of these cameras are like night and day. Here’s more about how we work. Don’t miss out on Amazon's CYBER MONDAY Deals on Action Cameras. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Control: used to adjust the microphone, speaker and brightness settings on the camera. Once you set the interval, you can now set the duration of that time lapse, you have the following options: unlimited, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 minutes. The sound quality is where Akaso hits the bull’s eye with this device. Just remember to use the absorbent anti fog inserts and you’ll be fine. While they are all similar, there are some important differences. If you are a beginner diving into the world of action cameras, the Akaso V50 Pro is, hands down, the best option for you currently. Even the lightest GoPro I weight is heavier than the heaviest Akaso. 26 mars 2019 0 vote votes; Question : Où puis-je trouver une application Android pour la caméra sport akaso v50 elite? If you want to customize even further, here are some other action camera accessories to consider: backpack mounts, gimbals, and tripods. The AKASO certainly looks the business, and when you check out the spec’s sheet; high-end resolutions with decent framerates, touch screen and a design that instantly sets it apart from other cheap action cameras, everything about this camera re… You can choose between: manual, water, riding, diving, night. Interval can be set to: 3, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds. 99. Thank you, Your email address will not be published. It is a WiFi action camera with EIS Touch Screen adjustable view angle, 30 meter waterproof, and lot more. It is shot at a slow speed then played at normal speed. The Verdict: Choosing the Best Akaso V50 Camera, How Many Megapixels is Good for a Camera? My ultimate goal is to provide you with as much detail as possible in each and every post. Special Offers And Product Promotions at AKASO Official Camera Store. You can enable this feature with the following settings: 3 shots in 1 second, 7 in 2 seconds, 15 in 4 seconds and 30 in 8 seconds. $84.99 $ 84. The Verdict: Choosing the Best Akaso V50 Camera. Question: How to use AKASO EK7000 as webcam? It must be remembered that although the tiny V50 Pro is slightly smaller than the V50 Elite, all the accessories are interchangeable, and you won’t have to worry about buying separate mounts ever. Add the waterproof case and you can get some impressive depths. Action cameras are primarily meant for capturing images and videos on the go. They copy some of the core features of GoPros but at a much more affordable price. $69.99 $ 69. GETTING STARTED To turn on Wi-Fi Welcome to your AKASO V50 Pro SE. You will be able to take pictures and record videos by using your mobile device as a WiFi remote. But is it actually worth the extra bucks? But be careful, you can’t just install any firmware and expect it to fix your issues. What we like: In the first glance, the design of Akaso v50 Pro looks appealing with its rubberised grey exterior and a waterproof housing. 4,5 sur 5 étoiles 313. 120fps is available with 720p resolution, 60fps with 1080p, 30 fps with 2.7K and 4K. The image sensor is an Omnivision CMOS with a size 1/2.8 inches. Have you had experience with an Akaso action camera? Also, Akaso packs in as many as two 1100 mAh rechargeable batteries inside the box. It is useful for shooting movements in clouds, sun and stars. CDN$ 163.99 CDN$ 163. Another common feature is the delay timer for photos. The viewing angles are great with this one, and the screen is bright enough to save you any trouble while shooting outside in daylight. Diving mode setting will compensate for the low red light – and auto correct any distorted coloring from filming underwater – especially at dive depths. Of course, it is not meant for recording live concerts and operas, but it performs pretty well outside in traffic and in presence of a lot of background noise. V50 Pro action cameras pdf manual download. It’s capable to record up to 4K full HD to 60 frames per second, and it’s able to record for 120 minutes. It can be a little hard to sort out all the specs on the Akaso V50 – especially if you didn’t realize that there are actually multiple models with almost identical specs. And there you have it, our detailed review of the Akaso V50 camera series. This settings can let you select an area on you screen that you camera can prioritize in order to determine the exposure. In this Akaso V50 review, you’ll learn all about these four models, including their battery life, video and audio quality, settings, size, and accessories. However, the specifications are slightly better on paper for the Elite version, and thus, it costs $20 more.Both cameras work with the same chipset and lens. The app displays all the information you see on your camera display and makes it easy for you to perform the basic functions hands-free. Can be set to: -2.0, -1.0, 0, +1.0, +2.0. Luxebell Accessories Kit for AKASO EK5000 EK7000 4K WiFi Action Camera Gopro Hero 8 7 6 5/Session 5/Hero … AKASO V50 Pro Action Camera. 24/7 Support. Hi, Congratulations on the article. But the company’s products are With 120 fps, you can slow the videos down 4 times during post-production. Akaso V50 Elite Premium settings with upgraded features. At the back, the camera has a 2 inch IPS touchscreen. Hope this helps! The advantage of a time lapse photo over video is the ability to go through each photo and delete the ones you don’t like. Following the success of the V50 Elite and V50 Pro, Akaso have then released the Akaso V50X which is more of an entry-level camera. With an 1100 mAh battery, it offers nearly double battery life than the 1050 mAh piece in the V50 Elite. Wind Noise Reduction: useful option for audio recording. AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Action Camera with Touch Screen EIS Adjustable View Angle Web Camera 40m Waterproof Camera Remote Control Sports Camera with Helmet Accessories Kit . The V50 Pro comes with a Bluetooth remote control, a waterproof case, a bicycle stand, seven mounts, a clip, a helmet mount, a bandage, five tethers, a protective backdoor, a USB cable, a lens cloth, and of course, a user manual. GoPro cameras are one of the best 4K video cameras for vloggers. There are lots of factors affecting the battery life of your Akaso camera. $19.99 $ 19. Read more about GoPro Hero 8 Black vs Akaso V50 Pro Action Camera Comparison; … $109.99 USD $119.99 USD. Just before I jump to the review, here are the Akaso V50 Pro specs: Akaso V50 Pro and Elite were released in quick succession, and not surprisingly, both the cameras share mostly identical features. Duration can be set to: unlimited, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 minutes. 2020 Akaso V50 Pro Micro Externe pour Akaso V50 Pro Action Camera Seulement Mic pour AKASO V50 Pro Action caméra Microphone noir. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews There was a problem completing your request. Here in this video we have unboxed the device and come up with the first impression of the product. Quick shop. The Akaso V50 Pro 4K action camera has many features and settings that you can easily change and customize as you need by 2″ touch screen (big plus!). How does the Akaso V50 series compare to other action cameras, like the GoPro? Webcams 5 products; Telstra Mobile Broadband Plans; TVs. This is a popular resolution among action camera enthusiasts because it radically decreases the file size of videos without having a significantly poorer quality than 4K. 2-inch Touch Screen with IPS Display 4K/60fps, 4K/30fps, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/120fps, 1080P/60fps and 720P/240fps Superb Image Stabilization with 6-axis Gyroscope 170° Wide Angle Lens Waterproof When in Casing up to 130ft (39m) External Microphone Supported Options: Version: Standard. In this article we compare the specs and features of the GoPro Hero 8 Black and the Akaso V50 Pro action cameras. An external microphone can be ordered separately for the Akaso V50 Pro in case you need to upgrade your audio quality. AKASO V50 Pro SE Action Camera, 4K/60fps Touch Screen WiFi EIS 39m Waterproof Camera, Adjustable View Angle Remote Control Sports Camera with Helmet Accessories Kit (Limited Edition) 4.4 out of 5 stars 591. Considering the pros and cons, the former clearly outweighs the latter, and there is no reason why you should not buy the V50 Pro right now. All four models can shoot 4K video – but with some different frame rates. The Akaso V50 Pro can take photo bursts up to 30 photos in 8 seconds. It involves downloading the iSmart Pro+ app onto your phone either from the Apple Store or via Google Play, then you’ll need to turn the wi-fi on the camera.

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