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Price: $549.99 RRP. The HS7's are the best choice in the price range they're in, Yamaha is best known by their NS10's, which are present in many pro studios, and still being used to mix regularly. Share this Tweet this A lot of people seem to wonder and ask what are the differences and similarities between JBL LSR 308 and Yamaha HS8. The Yamaha HS series is a firm favourite of music producers and engineers. Yamaha HS8 Features. HS7. The HS 8 has a metal mesh design and both products are made of plastic. Great Noise Reduction. There are some clear benefits to adding the HS8 to your system. Yamaha's HS series comprises the HS5 and the HS7, and either model can be used alone or teamed with the HS8S subwoofer. that all nostalgic fans are bound to appreciate. This totals a 95W power amplification. By combining acquired knowledge and expertise with state-of-the-art sound technologies, Yamaha's speaker engineering team have examined, then optimized, every aspect that has contributed to making these monitors the most trusted in the business. Last update: August 13, 2019. The Yamaha HS8 has a great, boxy design with a large in-built subwoofer. HS7I. This cone has an 8-inch diameter. Comparison of Yamaha HS8 and Yamaha MSP7 STUDIO based on specifications, reviews and ratings. Although there isn’t much separating the Yamaha HS5 vs. HS7, the Yamaha HS7 stands out as follows: Better lows: The HS7 will offer greater output at lower frequencies because its frequency range moves from 43Hz to 30KHz. ... HS8 (White) POWERED STUDIO MONITOR. With a range of 38Hz-30kHz, the HS8’s are suited to most music genres. Des enceintes de studio amplifiées conçues à partir des enceintes NS-10M qui sont aujourd'hui un standard dans les studios à travers le monde. Along the same lines, the HF Power Amp on the HS8 is also a bit stronger at 45W versus 30W on the prior model. The cone diameter is smaller in diameter at 7 inches. Yamaha HS Studio Monitors. By combining acquired knowledge and expertise with state-of-the-art sound technologies, Yamaha's speaker engineering team have examined, then optimized, every aspect that has contributed to making these monitors the most trusted in the business. Contents1 Yamaha HS8 vs KRK Rokit 8 G32 Specs3 Build Quality4 Durability5 Verdict5.1 Winner for studio use5.2 Winner for casual music listening Yamaha and KRK are probably the two biggest studio monitor manufacturers in the world. The price point delivers a power rating of 95 watts, which puts the HS7 right between the HS5 and HS8 in terms of output power. Read the Yamaha HS5 vs HS8 comparison below to see which Yamaha speakers are better for you. But I’d recommend you read the whole article. Categories; Brands; Versus; EN. We can even go a step further to say that the studio monitors present an honest and clear picture of the quality of music being produced. Adam A7X. There are 60W LF and an additional 35W HF bi-amp system. Their products are used by producers such as Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Showtek, and Logic. The one thing that you will notice that if you do not have the Yamaha HS8 on hand you will find that you are lacking that 3 dimensional sound. The speaker is driven with 75-watt amp which is protected by a built-in limiter while the rest 45 watt is for the tweeter. So Yamaha HS8, while being a pricier option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $320 Yamaha HS7, as seen on the chart below. The Yamaha HS80M vs. HS8 is a very interesting comparison! Yamaha Hs8. Overall, great quality of … Yamaha HS8. With 75W LF plus 45W HF, there is now a total of 120W power applications. With the newly released HS speakers, Yamaha now offers models with 5-, 6.5-, and 8-inch woofers (HS5, HS7, and HS8, respectively), along with the HS8S, which is a powered 8-inch subwoofer. When comparing Yamaha HS8 vs Neumann KH 120 A, the Slant community recommends Yamaha HS8 for most people.In the question“What are the best high-end studio monitors?” Yamaha HS8 is ranked 1st while Neumann KH 120 A is ranked 2nd. The HS8 features an advanced noise reduction technology that … KRK Rokit vs Yamaha HS – Studio Monitor Comparison. Both of the HS8 and HS7 monitors have a rock solid build though. If you just want to jump to the conclusion, click here. I really wanted to test the HS7 because the 6.5-inch woofer matched up … The HS8 used a 1.5 inch bigger LF Driver than the HS7, and its power amp is somewhat stronger too at 75W versus 60W. ... HS7 (White) POWERED STUDIO MONITOR. Yamaha HS8, on the other hand, is larger and offers a notably higher volume output. This cone is made of ribbon and it comes with eXtended Accelerating Ribbon Technology. The Winner is- A Tie. In this gear check I'm going to demo the Yamaha HS monitor speakers HS7, HS8 and the HS8S subwoofer. HS8 (White) POWERED STUDIO MONITOR. By Emma, in Studio monitors. By combining acquired knowledge and expertise with state-of-the-art sound technologies, Yamaha's speaker engineering team have examined, then optimized, every aspect that has contributed to making these monitors the most trusted in the business. The Yamaha HS8’s give you an accurate flat response that allows a true representation of your mix. The first thing you can notice about Yamaha HS5 vs HS8 is the frequency range. Yamaha Hs8. Ever since the 1970's the iconic white woofer and signature sound of Yamaha's nearfield reference monitors have become a genuine industry standard for a reason - their accuracy. Powered nearfield monitor speakers built on the success of its legendary predeccesors that have become a genuine industry standard for their accuracy. Frankly the HS7 speakers offer plenty of lows so that the HS8 is not really needed in a home studio or even a smallish professional studio. Monitores amplificados e de proximidade (Near-field), com o lendário cone branco Yamaha integrado, para a sua escuta em estúdios de pequeno formato ou caseiros. 120W output power. HS8 is also a good one, but … The most important reason people chose Yamaha HS8 is: Just like the name, Yamaha HS8 is coming with 8-inch woofer and is the big brother of another budget friendly HS5 and HS7 combined with also a newly designed 1-inch dome tweeter. It is made from a poly and is designed to produce low distortion sound. Before we get into why, grab a snack, sit back and relax because.. You’ve come to the right place!! My room is 10’ x 10’ and I will be listening from 5’ - 6’ away. ... Yamaha HS7. The Yamaha HS5 is the smallest monitor in the HS series and will comfortably fit in a small studio while offering a decent amount of power to help out any novice music producer. HS8I. I like the KRK's LCD equalizer for room correction (EQ curve adjustment via an App). But let’s dig deeper and see how these studio monitors compare to one another, face to face. Yamaha HS7 vs HS8 – A Comparison. The design comes with a rear-firing port so the monitors themselves will need to placed away from walls. If you’ve used studio monitors before, you’ve probably may have noticed air vibrations which contributes to unwanted noise. For that reason, one of our […] What I will bring you in this review. Check Price. Once again, you will be able to appreciate the higher numbers. I'm planning on upgrading my speaker setup, and I was wondering about the difference between the Yamaha HS7's and the HS8's. 22.5 lb weight. HS7's vs HS8's? Yamaha HS Breakdown. Yamaha HS8. You may remember my Yamaha HS5 vs. KRK Rokit 5 article. The NS10's are a trademark, but these new monitors (HS5/7/8) are more advanced, and better built. This Yamaha HS7 vs HS8 post only confirms that NS10 has worthy modern alternatives. The Yamaha HS5 monitors feature a frequence range of 54Hz-30kHz. Hi All After 2 years of saving and selling off all my pedals and a nice Marshall JVM 410 I am almost at the point where I will be purchasing a AxeFX 2, I'm on the waiting list and just waiting on the call that they are in stock again. The Yamaha HS8 studio monitor a pretty beefy son of a gun, to put it mildly. 38Hz – 30kHz range. ... HS8 (White) POWERED STUDIO MONITOR. Also if you look for a Yamaha HS7 vs HS8 Version click here. EN PL DE. The 8 is simply a bass heavier monitor, that also happens to be a lot bigger and heavier (physically) overall. ... suggested Yamaha HS5 Yamaha HS7 Focal Alpha 65 Focal Alpha 50 Adam Audio A7X Focal Alpha 80 Yamaha HS80M JBL LSR308 Focal SHAPE 65 Yamaha DXR10. Yamaha HS7 vs HS8: Power Amp The power amp of HS8 is a little bit stronger. Ever since their advent, home studio monitors have become an integral part of the music produced today because they take the listening experience to a whole new level. I usually discourage the use of subwoofers in smaller studios as the extended bass end can exacerbate the acoustic problems that are prevalent in small, untreated rooms. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Yamaha HS8 is a more popular studio monitor, based on its 500+ reviews. Home » Studio monitors » JBL LSR308 vs Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitors. Overall my preference is in favour of the KRK. Yamaha Hs7. ... HS8 (White) POWERED STUDIO MONITOR. Yamaha MSP7 STUDIO. The Yamaha HS7 Active Studio Monitor is the happy middle child in the much-acclaimed HS line of powered speakers! HS5. Check Price. Bigger woofer: As the woofer size is bigger in the HS7 and it has an output of 95W, expect the overall sound and volume levels to be higher and better when compared to the HS5. Powered Studio Monitor: HS8/ HS8I/ HS7/ HS7I/ HS5/ HS5I. ... HS8 (White) POWERED STUDIO MONITOR. Yamaha HS7 vs HS8 Features Face to Face. Hi, I am thinking of buying some Yamaha Active Monitors HS7 with 6.5 inch driver or HS8 with an 8 inch driver for listening to music. The Winner Is- The Yamaha Hs8. HS8. Let it been known with our stickers FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA Order Now STUDIO MONITERS YAMAHA HS5 CLICK HERE YAMAHA HS7 CLICK HERE YAMAHA HS8 CLICK HERE STUDIO MONITERS STANDS CLICK HERE STUDIO MONITERS CABLES (GET 2) CLICK HERE YAMAHA HS8 SUBWOOFER CLICK HERE SHOW YOUR LOVE FOR MUSIC FREE SHIPPING IN USA ORDER NOW MY … We’re going to look at how the Yamaha HS7/HS8 and the KRK Rokit 5/6 compare. Normally for my comparisons, I review both pieces separately and then compare and contrast at the end. 8" LF woofer. Check out my detailed guide on Yamaha HS7 vs. Yamaha HS8. JBL LSR308 vs Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitors. Pairing with a sub helps a great deal. HS7's (low) mids (and mids) in general are a bit less vs KRK, imo. Concerning space, both would fit on my desk, but the HS8 are obviously quite large and it might be nice to have a bit more desk room with the HS7s. 43Hz – 30kHz range.

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