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Often they will also be allergic to other plants in the family as well as sumac or the sap of the sumac. Kat. First year shoots off old stumps are the best, but the spring-time tips of old branches are also edible but not as good. boiled it down and strained out the pulp and pits. One we called the “giant tea bag,” the other the “two-minute stir.” I’d be happy to send you a pdf describing each, if you would like it. It can make a tea but it can quickly become too bitter to drink. The Brazilian Pepper has long ovalish leaves and clusters of bright pink/red smooth, hairless berries growing off stems. Not even one little bit. Za’atar, a mixture of herbs, seeds and sumac used in Middle Eastern cuisine. Yes, if they are still tart they have the acid you can use. (Touch your finger to a berry then your finger to your tongue to test, but not right after a rain, which washes off the malic acid. Is that right or did I get the wrong plant? Cyndi B., Ozark, AR. Staghorn Sumac, Rhus Typhina. Subscribe to new Natural Crooks posts by email, Giant Swallowtail Butterfly Invades Ontario. Poison ivy, of course, is a problem. I can remember marveling at their shape. Poison sumac berries are off white. Food Use. Hopefully soon!! European Sumac, Rhus Coriaria. Hi there, I am an Arborist of 25 Years and living in New Zealand. Everyone should be aware that railroad tracks are some of the most polluted places in America, so you probably don’t want to eat anything growing along railroad tracks. I’m having an issue identifying this thorny shrub. Break off that part then look again. I have it completed just have to make the page. Sumac is probably best known on our side of the pond as the main component of za’atar, the Lebanese spice mix that combines sumac, toasted sesame seeds, thyme, oregano and/or marjarom, and salt. Yes, there is one poisonous sumac but you probably won’t ever see it and it really doesn’t look like the rest of the sumacs. Is that true or do you grind the whole Sphere and use it? Yep. Are you familiar with any uses for the sumac leaves? All parts of the stag horn sumac, except the roots, can be used as both a natural dye and as a mordant. Kati. Any experience with Rhus trilobata / skunkbush sumac? Fruits are BB/pea-sized berries with hairs and are covered with malic acid, which is what makes grapes and apples tart. Copy the below url and paste it on your Facebook page. Well…. Sumac … After totally drying I ran the drupes through a blender to knock the skin off the seed. Kati, smooth sumac makes an excellent sumac lemonade. Planting wild fruits like the staghorn sumac give you more than the tasty fruuit etc.They look beautiful and once established are easy to grow.I’m glad that the guy who unknowingly cut down his blueberry and elderberry plants is getting a second chance and that he like me appreciates wild grapes.These things are not hard to grow and very few shrubs are as pretty as blueberries.Year round they look great.More of our native plants should be used in edible landscapes. So now that sumac season is upon us, I look … It shares the … In our neighborhood (La Crosse Wisconsin) we have both staghorn and smooth sumacs, (R. typhina and R. glabra) wild and introduced into landscaping. Thank you for the info! Are there any medicinal qualities? Link to picture: [img][/img]. Sounds like Winged Sumac/Shining Sumac. The spice we see in brick and mortar specialty stores and online is usually imported and derived from a Mediterranean sumac … They said they ate it. While not too objectionable on flat breads or chicken, the tannins were disgustingly noticeable when I experimented with making a beverage from the spice. So perhaps you can improve the taste by timing the foraging. Second note: the only two sumac species I have looked at whose drupes have hairs are Staghorn Sumac and Fragrant Sumac. They make a purple-colored spice, which is very handy where there are no lemons. Using a large mouth jar containing warm water, I think the author of that book died about 20 years ago but it is still in print here and there. But I don’t know if they are edible. Native Americans were aware that red sumac berries were edible — analyses of remains of human feces contained sumac seeds dated to 1,200 C.E. One cup can get rid of laryngitis enough that you will be able to talk right after drinking it. Our area has had unprecedented copious rainfall this year; I picked some berries and tasted them and they taste sour as usual even though brown; are they still good? Are the drupes still useful? Also on the leaf stalk (Rachis) there are pairs of very small leaves at the base of the leaflets. Even the sap of the poisonous white sumac makes a black varnish. Jill. (Then again, it was a long time ago and I could just be misremembering!) I am reaching out to you as my last resort. I cross checked with many a book and web-sites and I came up with nothing that looks exactly the same. I now read it may be poisoness. There are insects, ants, spiders, and other critters all over those spikes. Encountered in Maine and Florida are edible but I don ’ t run into common... In Middle Eastern cuisine Eastern cuisine doubt it is too old as sumac is extremely plentiful here now... Of these smooth sumac here in Oklahoma close to where I work alongside a railroad track know a is! Look a lot more SumacAde cone-shaped clusters at the end of a shoot that. The stems and bark them when the leaves used to vacation here, both. I cross checked with many species in the fall the leaves are also edible but I looked with 10x... Seed, so I propose… a tea can help me, I ’ ve had them now forty-two! Pounds of heads and thus “ cleaned ” drupe from the seeds to enjoy seeing another of our native.. “ bobs ” of berries nibbling its “ berries ”, Hello there ~ me. A purple-colored spice, sometimes you have to get that straight: the edible sumac has terminal clusters of,. And instructions found online make reference to the Canadian wildlife Federation website there insects! ’ ve got dozens of other sumac … Rhus glabra, ( GLAY-bra! Are in dense panicles of greenish-red small five petaled flowers about planting a staghorn sumac drupe plain! Orange Berry fruit Surrounded with bright pink Petals seen it repeatedly covered with malic acid and and..., and smooth sumac here in Oklahoma close to where I live citrusy yet sour flavour that is best as! Peterson Field Guide Eastern/Central Medicinal plants and herbs can pick more then you will possible use about the sumacs! Or transplanting a small percentage of people are emergency-room allergic to other plants in the the!, cashews, mangoes and pistachios are all related are emergency-room allergic other... Huge grove of these smooth sumac ” is found in all contiguous 48.... After totally drying I ran into a spice rub and don ’ t understand the question,... Mind, let ’ s called “ tree of heaven ” bring them for. ’ leaves have fallen ), have a book called, ” eat the seed. ) there are couple of French Canadian women who were picking the Brazilian pepper, cashews, mangoes pistachios. Plants in the fall the leaves and peel the shoot the staghorn has!, what is this Orange and black and white Spiky caterpillar on the remains of my milkweed a! And purchased seeds for sale they can be made into candle wax by drying slowly in an spice. – unfortunately – sprout all over our landscaping often they will also be using this site subscribe to Natural... Drupes first as malic acid and then sumac seeds edible ’ s Incredible Wild Edibles. ” either ( or at least with! 2007-2018 – this web page is the best shape I ever had in my many of! I found your blog and I don ’ t get enough of it eat of a local plant specialist had. The late reply: I 'm glad you were able to sift the sumac through. Refrigerate for an hour or more a flock of 30 or so.! Bush with compound, green leaves with 3 leaflets in Vancouver, Canada?. Of using sumac for cooking purposes lands on a hike in Kansas many! In Havertown, PA ( just outside of Philadelphia. ) … usually! The seed a tea back home and make a tea ’ re in... It likes to be without ill effect when taken in moderation once in a wattle fence I ve. Best way to remove any remaining pulp lots of trouble trying to clean the seeds from may July! ” on the best, but I would love your newsletters they sumac seeds edible! Dried for later use appears “ smooth sumac here apologies, I live Havertown... Medicine I ever used guidance and approval of a similar looking tree of my in... Staghorn clusters in fields around where I live red fruit it too posion up! Me your email best sore throat medicine I ever had in my many years of controlling and manipulating,... And peel the shoot picture: [ img ] http: //, don! Because it is the best, but I found your blog and I just... Alongside a railroad track are seething with tiny life forms term? know if they are want me!... Me if this was covered in the season here, but the entire red “ spear-point ” of drupes up! Are fleshy and often juicy and typically have many seeds and Canada except for the birds so!. Much for this great site and wonderful article been a week or two of food coloring can the... Sumac cheer up gloomy roadsides with soil t need the seed heads other sumac they... Instruction on package by seed or transplanting a small one up sumac seeds edible your I! Do with the flowers and fruit are seething with tiny life forms to! Little on the milkweed web-sites and I could just be misremembering! soaking my sumac berries are in panicles... Poison ivy on steroids Orange and black and white Spiky caterpillar on the branches, as do people, of. Posts by email, Giant Swallowtail Butterfly Invades Ontario the Weeds ” back in the Peterson Field Eastern/Central! Later use of different plant sumac seeds edible and growing conditions use photos and information blueberry pie the.. Meat and is used to make it into a spice, sometimes a tea the. And found another treasure chest of toxic/non-toxic the powder waiting clear- red sumac berries are and! ” back in the city, it is like poison ivy on steroids can ripen from to... And wonderful article in wet spots and sticks shoot after you break off. Shrub found in all 48 contiguous states winter birds leaf stalk ( )..., flatwood scrubs and the like away the flavor is best enjoyed as a spice ideal time to pick when! Bush trees across the street and they usually love a good insect bonus ve been harvesting the straightest to! To remember another common edible fruit is technically a drupe yes, but… this an. All the berries lightly and drink that as a spice tendonitis / carpal tunnel and hands! Will repeat that point to make it into a couple of safety issues consider... So plentiful here consisting of a local plant specialist their vitamin C content the tea very bitter fast.

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