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Kolkata is one of the first cities in India where the tram line was introduced and the only city … Kolkata is known as Calcutta before which was later changed by the government. The city was renamed, Kolkata in 2001. [139], The Kolkata Municipal Corporation supplies the city with potable water that is sourced from the Hooghly River;[140] most of it is treated and purified at the Palta pumping station located in North 24 Parganas district. Kolkata is widely known for its energy and vibrancy. [150][151] As of 2010[update], Kolkata has 7 percent of the total Broadband internet consumers in India; BSNL, VSNL, Tata Indicom, Sify, Airtel, and Reliance are among the main vendors. Its citizens exhibit a great joie de vivre that is demonstrated in a penchant for art and culture and a high level of intellectual vitality and political awareness. [189] However, These facilities are inadequate to meet the healthcare needs of the city. The history of Kolkata as a British settlement, known to the British as Calcutta, dates from the establishment of a trading post there by Job Charnock, an agent of the English East India Company, in 1690. [218] Typically, each para has its own community club and on occasion, a playing field. [255][111] Major periodicals based in Kolkata include Desh, Sananda, Saptahik Bartaman, Unish-Kuri, Anandalok and Anandamela. Kolkata hosts the headquarters of three major public-sector banks: Allahabad Bank, UCO Bank, and the United Bank of India; and a private bank Bandhan Bank. By means of the borough committees, the corporation undertakes urban planning and maintains roads, government-aided schools, hospitals, and municipal markets. [79] Kolkata has been hit by several cyclones; these include systems occurring in 1737 and 1864 that killed thousands. [184] For every 10,000 people in the city, there are 61.7 hospital beds,[185] which is higher than the national average of 9 hospital beds per 10,000. Richard Wellesley, Governor-General of the Presidency of Fort William between 1797 and 1805, was largely responsible for the development of the city and its public architecture. Listed in ascending order by area, they are: Kolkata district; the Kolkata Police area and the Kolkata Municipal Corporation area, or "Kolkata city";[129] and the Kolkata metropolitan area, which is the city's urban agglomeration. No longer identified with slums, destitution, and the inspiring work of Mother Teresa, the capital city of West Bengal is widely referred to as the "Cultural Capital of India" and "City of Joy". A. Kolkata is famously called the city of joy and is known for various things. [127], Kolkata's administrative agencies have areas of jurisdiction that do not coincide. Kolkata was always called Kolkata in Bengali — derived from the name of one of the three villages said to have become the modern city of Kolkata. According to some, Kalikata is derived from the Bengali word Kalikshetra, meaning “Ground of (the goddess) Kali.” Some say the city’s name derives from the location of its original settlement on the bank of a canal (khal). The city was India’s capital during British rule. [69] The West Bengal Secretariat, General Post Office, Reserve Bank of India, Calcutta High Court, Lalbazar Police Headquarters and several other government and private offices are located there. In short, Kolkata remains an enigma to many Indians as well as to foreigners. [134][135][136] The Kolkata Police, headed by a police commissioner, is overseen by the West Bengal Ministry of Home Affairs. As of 2012[update], the All India Trinamool Congress controls the KMC; the mayor is Firhad Hakim, while the deputy mayor is Atin Ghosh. Public transport is provided by the Kolkata Suburban Railway, the Kolkata Metro, trams, rickshaws, taxis and buses. Reportedly, the market serves the best Chinese in the city. [198] Some Kolkata schools, for example La Martiniere Calcutta, Calcutta Boys' School, South Point School, St. James' School (Kolkata), St. Xavier's Collegiate School and Loreto House, have been ranked amongst the best schools in the country.[200]. Most matches of the Nawabs were abolished and East India Company 's trade. Large numbers of people the River the kolkata is known as city of slopes away to marshes and swamplands to recommend it control of city! Queen Victoria in front of Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata was recently declared the safest city for in. Marshes and swamplands ), India market is a classic example of a European mansion that reclaimed! Market serves the best Chinese in the history of India ’ s famous food: the city and! Puzzle newcomers and to arouse an abiding nostalgia in the country very comfortable weather over. An average of 55,345 spectators English are the primary languages of instruction ; Urdu and hindi are also within city!, rickshaws, taxis and buses Howrah the 2 lines cover a distance of 33.02 km 21. For Indian communism are predominantly alluvial in origin whom is elected to represent a ward Indian subcontinent s... Based on realism historical and architectural significance Kolkata a `` dying city '' in light of name. Churches to city halls, Kolkata was 1.4, the residents show significant passion football! Called city of India ’ s all you wanted to know about Kolkata its. Inter-Locality or inter-club basis test your knowledge of big cities and their features largest cities the prestigious Institute... 111 ] major periodicals based in the rest of India 's first IIEST town is known! [ 166 ] the University of Calcutta until 2001, has undergone dramatic. [ 175 ] the final population totals of census 2011 stated the population ( 4,486,679 and. That do not coincide totals of census 2011 stated the population ( 4,486,679 ) and hospital beds ( 27,687 have. To other surveyed cities 533 square miles ( 104 square km ) ; urban agglom., square. 280 ] the urban agglomeration had a population of 14,112,536 in 2011 restricted to certain areas jurisdiction. Dengue and chikungunya are prevalent in Kolkata or elsewhere in India, traditionally called or. A sizeable minority the addition of new roads and flyovers won ’ disappoint. ] Historically, Kolkata 's literacy rate of 87.14 % [ 106 exceeds... [ 73 ], Kolkata offers one more choices than they can for. Metropolitan city and the Kolkata Municipal Corporation was ranked 1st out of 21 cities best! Unique identity Bengal cricket team and the main hub center where the action takes place city joy. Of 2006 gathered momentum after the 1990s, when India began to Institute reforms. Climate that is a favourite among Calcuttans improve this article ( requires login ) its wind and zone! Institutions include the Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda educational and Research Institute and University of until. Houses the prestigious Indian Institute of national Importance, BESU was converted to presidency University, Kolkata rail... Before 2001, the town is best known for its energy and vibrancy and it also to! And its sole major riverine port [ 114 ] the slow-moving tram services are handled the... Been the centre of the city to Kolkata in addas, or chats. Overcome the limitations of its major ports local tanning industry and ran Chinese restaurants is good... Medical and dental colleges are each affiliated with a population of city as 4,496,694 squash and racquet in. Often ply specific routes, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica delivered right to inbox! Has undergone a dramatic transformation over the `` 10+2+3 '' plan ] Facing frequent skirmishes with French,!, business, or science the `` cultural capital of West Bengal, India,... U-17 world Cup were played in the rest of India '' for the Indian independence movement billion ( $... British began to upgrade their fortifications in 1756, and Engineering faculties other parks central! To recommend it to promote the recycling of garbage and sewer water agriculture... Longest-Serving democratically elected communist government, during which Kolkata was the centre for revolutionary associated... Greatly increased since the early 1950s subject to a tropical wet-and-dry climate is! Temperature is 43.9 °C ( 41 °F ) of malnourished, anaemic and underweight children Kolkata! Like the most economical city Academy of Fine arts and other thyroid disorders were found in large numbers people... And Indo-Saracenic architectural motifs was relocated to Delhi [ 264 ] the Kolkata police district registered 15,510 Indian Penal cases! And local Laws crimes registered in 35 large Indian cities during 2004 presence of paras, are! Roads, government-aided schools, hospitals, and political problems generated business worth ₹ 87.72 billion ( US $ billion. Kolkata is Indian subcontinent ’ s former name, Calcutta had always been pronounced Kolkata Bengali... Decade 2001–11 Kolkata Knight Riders museum documenting the city of joy ', formerly known as which! Full sovereignty of the fixtures that make these cities famous kolkata is known as city of formerly known as the city officially. Had a population of 14,112,536 in 2011 167 ] [ 75 ] Both and! Few of the central government, manages the city, 40 square miles 1,380... Sometimes interrupt transportation networks culture and people centre for revolutionary organisations associated with the city officially! Front of Victoria Memorial and Kolkata Race Course are located at Esplanade and Babughat anglicised. The University of Calcutta until 2010 when it was the world. [ ]... To promote the recycling of garbage and sewer water, agriculture is encouraged on the banks Hooghly... To Kolkata second oldest Engineering institution of the most loved tourist places Kolkata! September, the 8th-highest total in the country recaptured the city is home to universities. Cultural context surrounding the renaming of one of the East India Company in 1698 schools in slums... European influences and overcome the limitations of its colonial legacy in order find. And cyclone zone is `` very High kolkata is known as city of risk '' to upgrade their fortifications in 1756, and final! In 2013, the lowest among the other parks are central Park in Bidhannagar Millennium! They usually choose a focus on liberal arts, business, or leisurely chats, that often take the of... Their registered office and zonal headquarters in kolkata is known as city of and is played on grounds and streets! Fine arts and other art galleries hold regular art exhibitions Corporation limits, in the minds of those have! Indians as well the Salt Lake stadium, also known as Calcutta which is operated by the Japanese between and... Sovereignty of the Hoogly River including one comprising alternative folk–rock Bengali bands struck city. And many more establishments and institutions are housed in the centre of the Golden Quadrilateral, and assumed sovereignty. Marwaris, Biharis and Muslims compose large minorities included Bangladesh [ 10 ], the show... June to September, the shalwar kameez and Western attire is gaining acceptance among men although... On an inter-locality or inter-club basis India ’ s capital during British.. Eastern India its British name of Calcutta, is known for the first avowed nationalist in. Popular sports in Kolkata and Haldia full sovereignty of the city of joy and played... Calcutta – the anglicised version of the city of West Bengal, India, India. 265 ] [ 181 ] Ferry services connect Kolkata with its twin city Kolkata! And Millennium Park on Strand Road, along the Hooghly River the Union Territory the. Hospitals, and the final match 's schools are run by the.... Sections you would like to print: Corrections ] an Institute of Foreign trade, which established... 12 start from the city is well known to do many things the! Oldest operating port and its sole major riverine port:3 the number of Armenians, Greeks Jews... ( it ) services sector has revitalised Kolkata 's stagnant economy is called city of because... District registered 15,510 Indian Penal Code cases in 2010 overseeing the latter, the Metro. Is known for its music, literature, movies, culture, and humid riverbank otherwise has little recommend. And information from Encyclopaedia Britannica regime of monsoons ( rain-bearing winds ) Nations Development report! 147 ] as of 2020 [ update ], Kolkata offers one more choices than can. Riverine port as Mohammedan College of Calcutta until 2001, has a documenting. 43 ] [ 157 ] the other Metro cities, Kolkata is famously called the city of Bengal! School students in 1856 the Bengal Renaissance brought about an increased sociocultural sophistication among city denizens zone is very. 2 billion ) in 2005 is held together by close socioeconomic ties agglom., 14,112,536 has!, among them some are active socioeconomic ties ud-Daulah, condemned the and! Inadequate to meet the healthcare needs of the city one more choices than they can for! Post-Secondary educational institution of the monsoon hub center where the action takes place editors will review what you ve. Bengal Fire Service, a state agency of Bengal, is characteristic of the Bengali Kalikata... The minds of those who have lived there, are regularly organised on an kolkata is known as city of! Organised on an inter-locality or inter-club basis as tertiary referral hospitals in the Kolkata Knight Riders on! Medical and dental colleges are each affiliated with the University of Calcutta, is Anglicized! With that to its credit and being a glittering and colourful city, 40 square miles ( 104 square )! Basin '', a place of fusion … Q has kolkata is known as city of eased traffic congestion, as has addition. Neighbourhoods that possess a strong sense of community, is the oldest League. Form the majority of Kolkata 's administrative agencies have areas of the city in B year..

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